Curriculum vitae

  • Contact / personal information

    Addresse: Elmehusene 218
    2600 Glostrup
    Mobile: +45 24 94 24 46
    Birthdate: 27-02-1983
    Primary language: Danish
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  • Carreer targets

    1. - Apply Agile methods for a small team.
    2. - Upgrade an old codebase to a modern architcture.
    3. - Learn .NET Core
    1. - Learn how to work in a 200+ people company (Momondo)
    2. - Learn the agile project management techniques and programming structures.
  • Professional ambitions

    Work location:
    1. Greve, Høje Taastrup, Albertslund, Ishøj, Brøndby, Rødovre, Hvidovre, Glostrup, Herlev, Vallensbæk, Ballerup, Køge, Solrød, Roskilde,
    2. Frederiksberg, København, Gladsaxe Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gentofte,
    Preferred jobtype: Fulltime employee
    Current status: Fulltime employee without staff responsibilities
    Technologies: .Net, ASP.NET, C#, LINQ, Razor, MVC, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, Angular, Aurelia, Silverlight, WPF, Windows 10 Apps, MSSQL / MySQL etc.
  • Professional experience

    Total experience: 15 years of web development, 11 years as a professional
    Go-Dream a/s
    Period: 01-03-2020 - Current
    Job title: Senior Software Develop
    Technologies: C#, MVC5, MySQL, MSSQL, Umbraco, Javascript, Visual Studio 2019, VSCode

    2020: Maintenance of GoPlus (Administration site built in MVC5), Maintenance of Front-end (MVC5), IT-Support, Integration with CDON (REST Api)

    E-Supplies a/s
    Period: 01-03-2018 - 28-02-2020
    Job title: Senior Software Engineer
    Technologies: ASP.NET / C# / VB.NET, CSS, HTML, XSLT, Javascript, SQL, Visual Studio 2019, VSCode

    2018: Build the new Scandlines Procurement portal and integrate with NAV/BIS together with Columbus

    2018: Create the Housing-Element-Selection portal for Wissenberg and Bo-Vest. A portal that lets residents choose elements for their home renovation

    Pet projects:

    Implement JIRA: Upgrade old project system to JIRA and introduce Agile techniques.

    MENU Api: API implementation in ASP.MVC WebAPI which enables MENU's clients to fetch product information.

    Momondo A/S
    Period: 01-06-2014 - 01-03-2018
    Job title: Web Developer
    Technologies: .Net / ASP.Net (C#) Frontend (CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, Angular, Aurelia), SQL, Visual Studio 2013 / 2015 / 2017, VSCode

    2014: Build the prototype of the new Momondo Hotels project as a SPA, built in Angular 1.2 (later upgraded to 1.5)

    2015-2016 Continue working on Momondo Hotels, primary on the Google Maps module and Hotels data

    2016-2018 Upgrade Momondo Hotels from Angular to Aurelia

    Pet projects:

    Hotels Data Import (C#, MSSQL, ZZZ-tools): Schedule a weekly update of 10 GB hotels data into MSSQL tables.

    Reviews Webservice (C#, Web API, JSON): Download 800 GB JSONL files from AWS and make them accessible directly from storage.

    Polygon Editor (JS, JSTS, Google API): Present all available Geo-data and allow curation of place-polygons.

    Compusystem a/s
    Period: 21-01-2008 - 31-05-2014 (6 years)
    Job title: Developer / Project Manager / Hardware Manager
    Technologies: .Net / ASP.Net (C#, LINQ) Frontend (Silverlight, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript) Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV (Axapta, Financials, etc.) SQL, Visual Studio 2008 / 2012 / 2013

    2008-2014 I had the main responsibillity for the development and maintenance of a web-catalog which was used daily by 2000+ users. The catalog was build in Silverlight, ASP.NET, MS SQL, HTML/JS and integrated with Dynamics AX, XAL, Navision and Octopus (COBOL system).

    2010-2012 An integration / Management portal project for Vest Forbrænding (Garbage Incenerator/Powerplant & Recycle center), License Plate identification, DB Sync, Web-Portal.

    2011-2012 I developed a video-education site for a costumer, used to educate people in banking, local-government in becomming better at Microsoft Office, Windows and various other office programs. My job was to transfer the functionality of an olf portal-site to a new one, build from scratch with ease in mind. A big goal was to make it easy to administrate and easy to upload new videos, a task i managed to fulfil.

    In 2009-2011 I had various tasks, setting up new stores for Lagkagehuset, the tasks included installation of new PC's, integration with Dynamics AX, development on a backend portal and general IT support.

    Pet projects:

    Import Tool (C#): Import 100GB (300 mio rows) of data into MSSQL using Parallel programming and BULK operations.

    Sync Tool (WPF, C#, MSSQL): A sync 'toy' tool that utilized Microsoft Sync Framework, that let SDI Media syncronize dubbing studios across the world.

    Project Management Tool (Silverlight, MSSQL): A simple Project Management tool built in Silverlight that was used for 5 years in the company.

    MSSQL Optimization: Optimize a series of queries that looked through 300 mio records, that took 20 seconds, bringing it down to 100msec.

    Period: 01-05-2007 - 01-12-2007
    Job title: Developer (part of education)

    Survey Maker (ASP.NET/VB, MSSQL): Enhance (speed up) an inhouse tool to make surveys.

    Lovtidende (ASP.NET, WPF, MSSQL): Work as developer on a project for the state of denmark. A tool that made it possible to join/separate ministeries along with a website that presents all the laws of Denmark.

    Elgiganten (fields)
    Period: 01-10-2003 - 01-01-2008
    Job title: Salesman in Electronics

    Part-time salesman in the electronics department of Elgiganten Fields, I had the honor of guiding costumers through their purchase

  • Education

    IT Engineer at DTU
    Degree: Bachelor in IT
    Finished: 04-01-2008
    Danish title: IT Diplom Ingeniør
    HTC Student at EUC Holbæk
    Degree: Student
    Finished: 01-07-2003
    10 Klasse at Sorø Ungdomsskole
    Degree: 10. Grade
    Finished: 01-07-2000
    9 Klasse at Vallekilde-Hørve Friskole
    Degree: 9. Grade
    Finished: 01-07-1999
  • Languages

    Danish: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Norwegian: ok
    Swedish: beginner
    German: beginner
  • Skills

    C# .NET Expert 10+ years
    ASP.NET & MVC Expert 10+ years
    Javascript/Jquery: Expert 10+ years
    CSS (& LESS): Expert 10+ years
    LINQ Expert 10+ years
    HTML 5: Expert 10+ years
    MSSQL: Expert 10+ years
    Silverlight: Expert 6 years
    XML / JSON: Expert
    Angular 1.5: Very good 3 years
    Typescript: Very good 2 years
    Virtualization: Very good 5 years
    Entity Framework: Very good 6 years
    Parallel programming Very good
    Aurelia: Pretty good 1 year
    WCF / Webservices: Pretty good 6 years
    WPF / XAML: Pretty good (6 years)
    Windows Phone: Pretty good (6 years)
    Async programming Pretty good 10 years
    Microsoft Server: Pretty good
    Dynamics AX 4, 2009: Some experience
  • Hobbies & Private life

    My 2 kids Love to see them grow and take them places to see.
    PC-Gaming Trials Rising, Dirt Rally 2, Battlefield 4, whenever i have time for it
    Photography I love shooting photos of everything in this world.
    Gardening Making the green look pretty :)
    Wine Always the challenge of finding a good bottle...
    Diving Every summer, i love to free-dive in the ocean
    Trampolining With the kids (or without)
    Movies / TV-series Adicted to movies and some TV-series
    Music and Podcasts Always listening to something, either music or political podcasts.
    Skiing & Travel I love going skiing in the alps with my family once a year, and love to travel to foreign countries and experience the world
    Online Helping prople with their daily code-problems